E-Book: One Raindrop at a Time

The For My Earth project of the University of New Mexico in collaboration with WRAP recently developed an e-book titled, “One Raindrop at a Time: Environmental Peacebuilding and Education in Sur Baher, Jerusalem”. The book details the rainwater harvesting and environmental projects that WRAP and its partner schools have undertaken in Sur Baher, Jerusalem.

The proceeds from the e-book will be used to fund additional environmental and science education projects at the schools. By purchasing this book, you become a partner in this project.

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This book is the first in a series of eBooks produced by the For My Earth (FME)
Project describing environmental projects that make a difference in the lives of students and their communities. The book is the product of collaboration between the FME Project and the Water Resources Action Project, Inc. (WRAP), a non-profit organization that seeks to improve water stewardship and environmental education in underserved communities in the Middle East. Environmental education about water is especially important in water-stressed areas of the world. It teaches children and adults how to investigate their use of water so they can make informed decisions about how to care for this important resource. In Israel and Palestine, environmental education can also play an important role in environmental peace building. This effort promotes peace in areas of conflict by finding a common ground to solve environmental issues that affect all people in the region. WRAP is proud to be one of the organizations of Israeli and Palestinian, Jewish and Arab environmentalists that are working together to build a foundation of mutual trust by finding creative and affordable solutions that will meet the freshwater needs of people in the region. We hope that this book is the first step in a project that helps students from Israeli and Palestinian schools find common ground in their concerns about their shared environment.

The first step in a WRAP project is the construction of a rainwater harvesting system to provide water that is needed by a school and utilized as a teaching tool. WRAP’s first projects were completed at two schools in the community of Sur Baher in East Jerusalem. The faculties at both schools are devoted to environmental education as a path to science literacy and vocational skills. The rainwater harvesting systems constructed by WRAP are an important part of their environmental programs. We are proud to produce this book to showcase the impressive achievements at both of these schools. The proceeds from sales of the e-book and hardcopy editions will be used to fund additional environmental and science education projects at the schools. By purchasing this book, you become a partner in this project.

Malcolm Siegel. PhD, MPH
Director, Operations and Education
Water Resources Action Project, Inc.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Where Our Stories Take Place
Chapter 2 – Environmental Peacebuilding in Israel and Palestine– What is it?
Chapter 3 – The Village of Sur Baher -Past and Present
Chapter 4 – The Sur Baher Girls School
Chapter 5 – Afak School for Learning Disabilities
Chapter 6 – Our Students and Teachers Tell You Their Stories
Chapter 7 – Learn More – Doing and Reading
Chapter 8 – Water Resources Action Project, Inc.
Chapter 9 – We Thank Our Contributors